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Welcome to my website and thank you in advance for wanting to know a bit more about me.

I’m Mary Keramida and ever since I was a child, I have found myself being fascinated by foreign languages, cultures and books.

Later on, I discovered that a career path in translation that would include foreign languages, intercultural communication and self-motivation would be the ideal option for me, and I studied Applied Foreign Languages in Management and Commerce.

That helped me through my very first steps as a professional translator, but as I wanted to broaden my knowledge in translation, I was awarded the Higher Diploma in Translation by the City Unity College.

I began working as a freelancer in 2012 by offering translation, proofreading, editing and subtitling services from English into Greek and vice versa, and occasionally working also on German into Greek translation requests.

I support lifelong learning, as I believe that the pursuit of knowledge enhances personal development. I continue studying by attending seminars, webinars, or following online courses relevant to translation, languages and linguistics.

Want to know what defines my work in a nutshell?  

Dealing every project with professionalism, focusing on minor spots, not omitting things, keeping in mind and respecting cultural or other references, and paying attention to style writing.

Quality is hard to measure and over the years there have been many discussions about what defines qualitative translation. As translation quality is the main concern, I choose the appropriate terminology, vocabulary and idioms. In addition, I pay special attention to grammar, spelling, punctuation and syntax.

Some may not consider it as a vital factor, but to me passion is my compass when translating or revising a text. When you love what you do and you are passionate about it, then it seems that you can offer nothing less than exceptional services.

I specialize in:

  • Legal
  • Travel & Tourism
  • Marketing, Business
  • Engineering, Technical
  • Gaming, Sports, Casino
  • IT, Software, Hardware, Apps

For more information and references about my work, kindly visit my Proz profile.

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SDL Post Editing Certified - Member of th Certified PRO Network

Below you can find a list of the books I translated:

“Judge This”

The Mathematics of Love

“The Mathematics of Love”

Luck Seven Secrets

“Luck Seven Secrets”

Cool Happiness

“Cool Happiness”

Make you see stars

“Make you see stars”

Make you see stars

“Is it possible to live 100 years?”

English title “Judge This” (Πρώτη εντύπωση) written by Chip Kidd and published in Greek by
Read more details about the book here

English title “The Mathematics of Love” (Τα Μαθηματικά της Αγάπης) written by Hannah Fry and published in Greek by
Read more details about the book here

English title ”Luck Seven Secrets” (Τα επτά μυστικά της τύχης) written by Henry Osal and published by Babelcube.

English title “Cool Happiness” (Η Ευτυχία απέχει όσο ένα κλικ) written by Henry Osal and published by Babelcube.

English title “Make you see stars” (Ραντεβού Στ’ Αστέρια) written by Jocelyn Han and published by Babelcube.

English title “Is it possible to live 100 years?” (Μπορούμε να ζήσουμε 100 χρόνια;) written by Henry Osal.


Gives me the opportunity to offer my services for worthwhile causes, whenever I have spare time.

  • I volunteer for TED by offering subtitling, proofreading and transcription services.
    You can watch some of the talks I have translated, here.

  • I am also a Twitter Translation Moderator, translating and approving Greek translations for Twitter.