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Dictionary of 50,000 surnames and their origins published

Four-year study by linguists and historians of British and Irish records back to 11th century analyses family names. “What’s in a name?” Juliet asked as she and Romeo tried to puzzle their way around the troubling problem of their warring families. Well, plenty, the most detailed investigation into surnames in the UK and Ireland has found. A team of researchers [...]

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SDL announces the release of Trados Studio 2017

In a recent blog post Massimo Ghislandi, Executive VP of Translation Productivity for SDL Language Solutions, announced the release  of Trados Studio 2017. Below are some highlights of the announcement: “SDL Trados Studio 2017 is here! I am extremely pleased to be writing this blog announcing the launch of the latest version of the industry’s most popular translation software. In [...]

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Volkswagen is changing its official language from German to English

Volkswagen announced last month that English, not German, would be the official language spoken at the company. VW has instructed bosses to begin exchanging in English, whatever their native language, although factory staff may speak in whatever tongue they choose among themselves. The move away from German is fitting in that the company really isn’t just German anymore. It owns [...]

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